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Noise Nuisance
Charlie Fleming Associates was set up in 1997 and offers consultancy services over a wide range of Acoustics, Noise and Vibration Control.  We work all over the United Kingdom and Ireland.   These services are provided for property developers, builders, construction managers, architects, planning consultants, solicitors, industrialists and environmental consultants.

The aim of the company is to provide:

The best acoustical consultancy service in Scotland
By giving you expert advice when you need it
Based on extensive experience in acoustics and noise control
And extensive academic qualifications and theoretical knowledge
With competitive fee structuring
And substantial fee reductions for retained commissions

The Principal:

Eur Ing Charlie Fleming BSc MSc FIOA CEng MCIBSE MIEE
Charlie is one of a very few practising acousticians in Scotland to have devoted his life, from tertiary education onwards, to acoustics.   He studied Electroacoustics as an undergraduate at the University of Salford, gaining an upper second class honours degree in 1983.   He then gained his initial professional experience in London, working as an acoustic consultant with Sandy Brown Associates until early in 1986.   During these 3 years he continued his academic studies, by remote learning, and, achieving the highest marks in his class, was awarded the degree of Master of Science in Acoustics, Vibration and Noise Control by Heriot-Watt University in 1986.   It was in that year that he moved to Edinburgh to work as an associate partner of Robin Mackenzie and to lecture part-time at Heriot-Watt University in acoustics, vibration and noise control.   In 1989 he became a founder partner of the Robin Mackenzie Partnership and worked within that firm until 1996.   In 1991 he became one of the first 9 people in the UK to be awarded chartered engineer status by virtue of his academic qualifications and working experience in acoustics.  Whilst having a good knowledge of a broad range of acoustical subjects, his particular fields of expertise are: sound transmission testing, noise issues affecting planning applications, architectural acoustics, mechanical services plant noise, industrial noise control, workplace noise assessment and occupational deafness litigation.

Curriculum Vitae:

Name: Charlie Fleming.
Date of Birth: 13 October 1962.

Academic Qualifications:
BSc (Hons) Electroacoustics, University of Salford, 1983.
MSc Acoustics, Vibration and Noise Control, Heriot-Watt University, 1986.

Professional Qualifications:            
Federation of National Engineering Institutions FEANI, Eur Ing, 1994.
Chartered Acoustical Engineer, CEng, 1991.
Member of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, MCIBSE, 1991.
Member of the Institute of Acoustics, MIOA, 1987.
Fellow of the Institute of Acoustics, FIOA, 1993.
Associate Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, AMIEE, 1984.
Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, MIEE, 2002.

Employment History:
1983 to 1986: Acoustic consultant with Sandy Brown Associates, London.  
1986 to 1989: Associate partner in Robin Mackenzie Associates, acoustic consultants, Edinburgh.
1989 to 1996: Founding partner in Robin Mackenzie Partnership, acoustic consultants, Edinburgh.
1996 to present: Principal in Charlie Fleming Associates, acoustic consultants, Dunfermline.

1986 to 1996: Lecturer on MSc in Acoustics, Vibration and Noise Control, Heriot-Watt University.

Relevant Professional Experience:
This is described in detail in the web site.

The Staff:

Charlie Fleming Associates currently employs one acoustician.  Peter Hubbard left school to study pure mathematics at Bristol University.  Having passed the first year examinations, he decided that the subject was too academic, and so switched to study Music Systems Engineering at the University of the West of England.  He gained an upper second class honours degree in this in 2002.  Peter then gained valuable experience as a trainee, and laterally acoustic consultant, with Hann Tucker in Surrey. 

Charlie Fleming Associates also has several part-time receptionists, Anne, Donna, Cindy, and Yvonne who answer the telephone and take messages if required.

The Location:
Charlestown is a picturesque village on the north bank of the Firth of Forth.   Being 30 minutes from Edinburgh, 45 minutes from Glasgow and 55 minutes from Dundee, it is ideally located for accessing central Scotland.  There are no mileage or travelling time charges for work carried out within these cities. Click here to see a map of our location.

Directions From the North & South:
Leave the M90 at Junction 1 and take the A985 for Kincardine Bridge.  After 3½ miles turn left following the signs for Limekilns and Charlestown.  Go down the hill into Limekilns and at the end of the ½ mile promenade take the left fork into Saltpans.

Directions From the West:
Take the A985 east after the Kincardine Bridge following signs for Forth Road Bridge.  Almost 1 mile after the village of Crombie turn right following the signs for Charlestown and Limekilns.  Follow the road into and through Charlestown and turn sharp right back on yourself at the bottom of the cobbled hill.  

That Squiggly Thing in the Logo?
It is lambda, the Greek letter used to denote the wavelength of sound in acoustics.

Why Choose Charlie Fleming Associates?
One year we were commissioned 6 times to carry out work which had been done badly by other acoustic consultants.  This continues every year, with, on average, at least three jobs coming to us because other “acousticians” have not managed to carry out the work satisfactorily.

We know, from what we have seen and heard, that our service is better than that offered by many of our competitors.

My wee boy was quite excited when I told him I was constructing a web site.  His face fell when he looked at it for the first time, and he asked “where are the games?”.  He couldn’t see the point in having a web site without games.  So here we go (not exactly games, but a bit of fun, and there’s a bottle of pretty decent Bordeaux to the first person each month who answers the questions correctly.

1. Sound Transmission; what make of acoustical instrumentation is Charlie using to conduct the sound test?
2. Planning Residential; what is the full name of the company which runs the freight trains, which Charlie is seen measuring the noise of, in two of the pictures?
3. Planning Commercial; what did the “health club” for which Charlie helped secure planning permission later transpire to be?
4. Architectural Acoustics; which Royal Air Force base did Charlie visit to measure the noise as part of the design of a new primary health care centre? 
5. Mechanical Services; Charlie has worked on the control of mechanical services plant noise at several Royal Mail sorting offices.  Where is the one shown in the photograph?
6. Workplace Noise; Charlie has carried out workplace noise assessments in dozens of timber dressing and joinery workshops.  What kind of saw is shown in the photograph?
7. Occupational Deafness; occupational deafness claims amongst fire fighters are not exactly common.  Name one source of noise which might have been cited in the case.
8. Noise Nuisance; name two creatures which have, indirectly, been the source of noise complaints Charlie has dealt with.
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