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Why Choose CFA?
We advise clients on sound insulation, auditorium/ room acoustics and building services noise control.

Our expertise on the above subjects has been applied in the design of virtually every type of building including: office, commercial, residential and industrial developments, universities, schools, churches, discothèques, barracks, hospitals, crematoria, restaurants, public houses, cinemas, studios, sports centres, court rooms, leisure complexes, airports, heliports, libraries, conference centres and theatres. At one stage we even worked on the design of a brothel, though at the time it was put to us that it was a “health club”. It was only several years later, working on a traffic noise survey on the same street, that we found from the locals what kind of “club” it actually was.

In addition to design work we also conduct sound transmission measurements to certify whether floors and walls meet the requirements of the Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 1990/2005.

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Why Choose CFA?
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