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Why Choose CFA?
Why Choose Charlie Fleming Associates?
Prompt Response

If a consultant does not get the design information to you on time, it can have cost implications as a result of design and/or construction changes later in the programme. We fully appreciate the knock on effects and problems that not delivering information on time can cause. If we say we will get the information to you by a certain date, we will.

Competitive Fees
Our fees are competitive and we offer discounts for work on long term projects.

Fixed Fees
When we provide a quotation we stick to it. That is what you pay, regardless of how long it actually takes us to carry out the work.

Cost Savings
Calculations performed by some other consultants, whose work we have seen, use quick and relatively simple equations, or “rules of thumb”, which err on the side of caution. In this, they tend to over-estimate the acoustical and noise control measures required. Charlie Fleming Associates uses complex equations which work out sound insulation, noise levels and reverberation times very accurately, and hence any control measures are more precisely specified than they would perhaps be by some other consultants.

Examples of How Using Charlie Fleming Associates Might Save You Money
In one year alone, we were commissioned 6 times to carry out work which had been done badly by other “acousticians”. In these cases the first fee, paid to the other firm, was a waste of money and accepting the cheaper quotation proved to be a false economy. More importantly, in one case, the other firm had specified remedial works costing over £100,000, which our, more detailed, investigation proved were not necessary. In another, the glazing specification, for a large housing development, was reduced once we had calculated the internal noise levels more carefully. In the remaining cases, reports by other firms had been rejected by planning officers, and developments did not proceed until we dealt with them.

This continues, with at least one or two jobs coming to us every year because other “acousticians” have not managed to carry out the work satisfactorily.

Better Service
We think, from what we have seen and heard, that our service is better than that offered by many of our competitors.
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