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Why Choose CFA?
Why Choose Charlie Fleming Associates?
Straight Talking

Having considered the case, Charlie will formulate an opinion as to whether the pursuer’s hearing has been damaged by the noise exposure. He will give you this opinion, whether or not it is helpful to the defence or pursuit of the claim.

Expert Evidence
Charlie has been cross-examined in the Court of Session twice and performed well on both occasions. He has also been cross-examined in other courts and several public inquiries, and has dealt with the questions perfectly well.

Timeous Response
Whilst, in this type of work, there is not normally a tight timescale, we can, if necessary, carry it out within a week or two of being instructed. If we say we will get the report to you by a certain date, we will.

Competitive Fees
Our fees are competitive we give discounts for long term and retained commissions.

Fixed Fees
If we provide a quotation we will stick to it. That is what you pay, regardless of how long it actually takes us to carry out the work.

Measurement Instruments
Charlie uses a Brüel & Kjær Modular Precision Analyzer Type 2260 to measure the noise. Noise levels measured with this instrument stand up in court.

Better Service
Some other acousticians present evidence in a manner which they think will assist the client. Charlie believes that this is not the role of the expert witness. Doing this can leave the client exposed should the evidence be tested in court. Indeed, one member of the legal profession told Charlie that he would not use one of the other acoustic consultants because his evidence had never stood up under cross-examination.

Various other acoustic consultants to whom Charlie has spoken are quite emphatic in that they are not willing to put themselves under cross-examination.

We think, from what we have seen and heard, that our service is better than that offered by some of our competitors.
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