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Why Choose CFA?
We advise clients on the design of new mechanical services installations and on how to reduce the noise of existing ones. We quite often get involved in resolving disputes about levels of this type of noise between companies, for example a commercial property developer and the end user of an office block. If mechanical services plant noise is limited by a condition in a planning application, we can deal with it. If an environmental health officer has asked that you reduce the noise of your fan, refrigeration plant, etc, we can advise you on how best to do this.

Since 1983, Charlie has encountered all forms of mechanical services plant, including air handling units, supply and extract fans, boilers, pumps, chillers, condensers, compressors, cooling towers, lifts, auxiliary power generators and uninterruptible power supplies. We can calculate and control duct-borne fan, re-generated noise and cross-talk, together with noise emission from factories and night-clubs through the ventilation system. We are also able to specify anti-vibration mounts for mechanical services plant and measure the vibration of existing items to determine how to reduce it. Whilst not exactly mechanical, sub-station noise comes under the broad remit of M&E, and we have a good deal of experience its control.

Our expertise on mechanical services noise control has been applied in the design of virtually every type of building including: office, commercial, residential and industrial developments, universities, schools, discothèques, barracks, hospitals, crematoria, restaurants, public houses, cinemas, studios, sports centres, court rooms, leisure complexes, libraries, conference centres and theatres.

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Why Choose CFA?
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