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At any one time, we have at least one or two noise nuisance cases on our books.  Charlie has been working on noise nuisance cases since the start of his career in London in 1983.  Charlie Fleming Associates has dealt with well over a hundred cases and so there is a wealth of experience in this field. 

We usually act for a business defending action being taken by a local authority environmental health officer.  The sources of noise which occur most frequently are, music from pubs and night-clubs, mechanical services plant, heavy goods vehicles, fork-lift trucks, delivery depots and distribution centres, restaurants, metal and wood working factories, chemical and food processing plants.

Most noise nuisance cases on which Charlie has consulted have been in the central belt, but the fish farm was off the Ardnamurchan peninsula, he worked on a waste water pumping station problem in Brora, and went down to Lockerbie to consider a bus noise problem.  Charlie Fleming Associates will be delighted to quote for work anywhere in the UK and Ireland. 

Two of the common law cases with which he has been involved went to court, and got as far as the initial submission of evidence.  They did, however, then settle, without Charlie’s evidence being heard.  He has though, in planning inquiries and occupational deafness litigation, been cross-examined and performed well in this hostile environment.  On one occasion he dealt very well with cross-examination by the eminent Q.C. John Campbell.

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