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Why Choose CFA?
With many industrial and commercial planning applications, the local authority planning officer includes a condition to the effect that the noise from the development must not disturb residents of houses, flats or other residential accommodation in the vicinity. We have worked on planning applications for a wide range of industries, night-clubs, pubs, restaurants, office blocks and shops. At one stage we even worked on a planning application for a brothel, though at the time it was put to us that it was a “health club”. It was only several years later, working on a traffic noise survey on the same street, that we found from the locals what kind of “club” it actually was.

Since starting out on his own in 1997, Charlie has worked on over 200 applications for commercial and industrial developments. Together with his experience of commercial & industrial planning applications from 1983 onwards, this means we have a great deal of knowledge in this field. We know how to carry out the measurements and calculate noise levels in the houses/flats, to obtain the best results. It also means that if a development is too noisy, we can recommend what to do to progress the planning application.

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Why Choose CFA?
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