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Why Choose CFA?
Often known simply as a “sound test”, most come about because a local authority building control officer wants proof that a floor or wall satisfies the requirements of the Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 2005. Building control officers accept our results and issue habitation certificates (certificates of practical completion) having seen our reports. Increasingly, builders are being asked by their clients to have sound tests carried out as part of their contract, regardless of whether building control want one.

We carry out “sound tests” typically twice a week. Hence, since the company’s inception in 1997, we have carried out literally hundreds of these tests. This, together with Charlie’s experience in sound transmission testing from 1983 onwards, means we have a huge amount of knowledge in this field. This means we know how to carry out the tests, within the Regulations, to obtain the best results. It also means that if a floor or wall fails, we will tell you what to do to it to get it to pass.

We also carry out these tests to resolve disputes between house builders and residents. Similarly, we often go into offices to test the sound transmission of partitions to resolve disputes between the end user and the builder, builder and partition supplier, builder and glazing contractor, etc.

Having carried out hundreds of sound tests, we have an enormous database of results. Using this together with our theoretical knowledge, we can predict the performance of floors, walls and other building elements.

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Why Choose CFA?
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