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Why Choose CFA?
Why Choose Charlie Fleming Associates?
Rapid Response

We can normally carry out sound tests at one or two day’s notice, to fit in with your construction programme. (We fully appreciate the pressure you are under just before handover/completion). Results are available on site, and can be faxed or emailed to the site or head office later the same day. A full report follows in a day or two.

No Disruption
We do not insist that all work on site stops while the tests are carried out.

Better Results
We work hard, within the Regulations, to try and secure passes where other companies would not. If a floor or wall fails, we will test another in the hope that an average pass result can be secured.

We can compete on price and offer 15% and 20% discounts for retained commissions.

Fixed Fees
When we provide a quotation we stick to it. That is what you pay, regardless of how long it actually takes us to carry out the assessment.

False Economies
Some of our competitors claim that they carry out measurements in accordance with the appropriate British Standards, when in fact they cut corners, which leads to less accurate results. In turn, this can mean that a construction appears to fail when in fact it does not. This happened not too long ago, when our methods secured a pass result for a floor which had been failed by another firm, purely because they did not conduct the measurements properly. Not only was the fee paid to the first firm of consultants a waste of money, but the cost of implementing the, unnecessary, recommendations, would have exceeded £100,000.

Certain other firms of acoustic consultants based in Scotland have relationships with manufacturers of building products, receiving payments for specifying their materials. If a construction fails, they will recommend these products. The advice is not independent and the company may then benefit if your floor/wall fails a sound transmission test.

Charlie Fleming and Peter Hubbard carry out the tests. Both have a wealth of experience in this field. There are other companies which send poorly trained technicians to perform the sound test. There are many pitfalls in the measurement of sound transmission, and mistakes can be extremely costly, as noted above, over £100,000.

Should a floor or wall fail, with our extensive experience we can tell you what to do to make it pass.
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