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Why Choose CFA?
Methods & Personnel
Our workplace noise assessments are “competent” as required by The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

Carrying out a Workplace Noise Assessment
If the employees work at fixed positions, the noise will be measured beside each person. If the employees move around, the noise will be measured as they do this. The noise levels measured will then be combined with information on work patterns, shift durations, meal and tea breaks, to determine the daily personal noise exposure level, LEP,d, of the employees. We then compare the employees’ LEP,d to the lower and upper action values defined in The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. We also measure the peak sound pressure levels for comparison to the peak action value, of 140dB(C), though this is not usually exceeded.

If appropriate, our report will include recommendations on noise control of machines and tools, provision of acoustic enclosures, havens, barriers and absorption, setting up of hearing protection zones, provision of suitable and effective hearing protection, and information to employees. In short it will be “competent” in terms of the Regulations, providing you with all the necessary advice that you will need to ensure you can then comply with the law.

We use a Brüel & Kjær Modular Precision Analyzer Type 2260, loaded with the Enhanced Sound Analysis Software Type BZ7202, to measure the noise. This is the most accurate and reliable hand-held sound level meter available on the market, and as such it is ideal for conducting a thorough analysis of the noise.

The noise measurements are made by either Charlie Fleming or Peter Hubbard. Other companies may leave their instruments supervised by a technician or person with no knowledge of acoustics. (Peter has an honours degree in acoustics and several years experience in workplace noise). Analysis of the results and calculations are usually carried out by Peter, supervised by Charlie. The report is prepared by Charlie.

From start to finish your assessment will be dealt with by experienced, highly qualified acousticians. Some other companies do not have this experience and the consequences of this are outlined in Why Choose Charlie Fleming Associates?
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